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Learn the skills most needed in PowerPoint heavy careers such as consulting, finance, and strategy.


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Maximize your learning with self-paced online courses that you can take anytime and anywhere.

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Improve the quality of your client deliverables and internal presentations with our courses for teams.

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“I took this course prior to starting at a top consulting firm and it’s helped me immensely in my first few weeks!”


Manager, Corporate Strategy

“This course is great!! Really helpful content I can’t get elsewhere”


Managing Director, Consulting

“Its great. Exactly what I was looking for. I never had the chance to learn this stuff at a consulting firm. So this helps me a lot!!”


Associate Director, Biotech

I really like it. Its amazing how little I know of PowerPoint even though I have used it for 10+ years.

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Analyst Academy provides self-paced, online courses to small businesses, large multinational organizations, universities, and individual learners in various countries around the world. We draw heavily on consulting industry best practices to provide the highest quality training available to professionals in PowerPoint heavy careers such as consulting, strategy, and finance.

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