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Prior to starting a new job in consulting, Analyst Academy founder Paul Moss felt frustrated by the lack of high-quality PowerPoint training available. The training he received at his firm lacked the detail he needed, and other courses he could find online were either too basic, too old, or just not relevant to PowerPoint-heavy professions like consulting.


After years of consulting and strategy experience, Paul noticed that nobody had solved his problem from earlier. PowerPoint training was still terrible! Nobody was providing the type of training needed by top consulting firms, and even the consulting firms themselves struggled to provide the right training for their consultants.

So after after thousands of hours working in PowerPoint, learning from industry experts, and providing PowerPoint training in a variety of settings, Paul and his team decided to create Analyst Academy. The first official piece of content? A simple YouTube video.


Following the success of the Analyst Academy YouTube channel, the first official course was created: Advanced PowerPoint for Consultants. It was immediately met with interest from students, professionals, and companies of all sizes. People from all around the world began taking the course, and within just a few months over 100 students had enrolled.


Advanced PowerPoint for Consultants continued to be a success, having been taken by 1,000+ students and professionals in 50+ countries around the world. It received rave reviews, and many Analyst Academy customers were eager for more. 

In response, a new course was created: Advanced Presentations for Consultants. Instead of learning how to efficiently use PowerPoint, students could now learn how to structure, design, and assemble an effective presentation. Like it’s older sibling, Advanced Presentations for Consultants quickly caught fire, and soon became the most popular course on Analyst Academy.


Analyst Academy continued to grow in leaps and bounds through 2021, providing courses to individuals and organizations in consulting, finance, and a wide range of other industries and functions. Sweeping changes were brought to the company that included new branding, a revamped website and improved course platform, and a fully-fledged social media presence designed to bring high-quality content to students and professionals around the world.


To date, Analyst Academy has delivered training to 25,000+ professionals in 100+ countries around the world. Companies of all sizes and types, from large multinational organizations to small starups, have relied on Analyst Academy to train their employees on critical topics such as PowerPoint, presentation design, and data visualization.

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Meet our team

profile picture of Analyst Academy founder Paul Moss

Paul Moss

Paul is the founder and lead instructor at Analyst Academy responsible for content creation, corporate sales, and overall strategy. He has experience in consulting and corporate strategy and has worked across a range of industries. He holds degrees from Brigham Young University (BS), Wharton Business School (MBA), and UPenn’s Lauder Institute (MA).


Zach Queen

Zach wears many hats for Analyst Academy but primarily provides direction in areas of technology, student engagement, and overall strategy. His experience spans tech, consulting, and government services. He holds degrees from Brigham Young University (BA), Wharton Business School (MBA), and UPenn’s Lauder Institute (MA).


Michael Ibekie

Michael is a long-time advisor for Analyst Academy, with expertise in sales, startups, and product management. His background includes high-growth technology companies, financial services companies, and global multinational organizations. Michael has business degrees from Stanford University (MBA) and Indiana University (BBA).

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Chetan Gupta

Chetan is in charge of design, web development, and user experience at Analyst Academy. He brings a strong background of design and consulting skills, having worked with many notable authors, TEDx speakers, and startup founders. He holds a Bachelor of Technology degree (B.Tech.) from SBIT in Delhi.  

profile picture for Martha Garcia

Arvin Ebreo

Arvin brings a wealth of talent to Analyst Academy, providing both technical, administrative, and content-related support that keeps the day-to-day business running smoothly. His background includes 15 years in customer support roles at institutions like HSBC and Capital One.

profile picture for Martha Garcia

Jo Nicolas

Jo is the creative backbone for all video-based projects at Analyst Academy. With a unique background that includes writing, social media marketing, and photography, Jo helps to bring a diverse skillset to the team. She graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Broadcasting from La Verdad Christian College.