Advanced Presentations for Consultants

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Learn to structure and design presentations that are clear, insightful, and engaging. 

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In this course you’ll learn how to take boring, ineffective presentations, and turn them into presentations that are clear, insightful, and engaging. You’ll learn how proper slide and presentation structure can significantly improve comprehension, and how a correctly designed slide can cut through clutter commonly associated with data-heavy presentations.  

Throughout the course you’ll see real examples from McKinsey, BCG, and other top consulting firms, and you’ll come to understand the tricks they use to communicate persuasively. Plus with a range of exercises and case studies, you’ll be able to learn by doing. You’ll see exactly what consulting firms do to create slides that clearly convey insights to their clients, and you’ll learn how you can apply the same principles to your own slide building.

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2.5 Hours of High Quality Video

6 Hands-on Exercises


4 Section Quizzes

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What You'll Learn



How to structure slides that communicate information to the audience in a way that is clear and engaging


Slide Design

How to design individual slides that deliver a clear message while displaying and emphasizing key insights


How to write a storyboard that improves project efficiency and ensures presentation structure

What others are saying

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"Short videos with easy structure. That’s what I need to learn how to do to improve my communication skills


Five Stars

"This course is great!! Really helpful content I can't get elsewhere"


five stars

"I love it! Your attention to detail is amazing, and I like all the examples of consulting slides you bring. Well done!"


five stars

"A comprehensive capture of a lot of good practices in a professional slide making"


five stars

"Really nice and clear"


five stars

"Great course. Easily actionable with good depth of content."


five stars

"I've learned great tips on how to organize my slide and presentation flow."


five stars

"I am very impressed. Game Changer!!!"


five stars

"The course is well-paced! Great flow of information, and in turn, learning."


five stars

"The course is very comprehensive. I particularly enjoyed the pyramid principle and the exercises are great at reinforcing the learnings."


five stars

"I am very happy with the content because it is very relevant to my world of work. I am also very happy with the Instructor. His voice is soft but clear, very interesting and not boring to keep listening to."


five stars

"Big fan, I think the exercises are a great addition and provide an opportunity to apply what's being spoken about throughout the training."


five stars

"I like it. The guy speaks clearly and slowly. I like the mix of lessons and exercises."


five stars

"Very Good, really like the way it is presented"


five stars

"Extremely informative and the downloadable material will be great for knowledge retention in the future"


Course Outline


image 24 Welcome

image 24Getting Started

Effective Communication

image 24Introduction

image 24Pyramid Principle

image 24Exercise 1

image 24Storyboarding

image 24Exercise 2

image 24Slide Structure

image 24Exercise 3

image 24Examples and Analysis

Insightful Slide Design

image 24Introduction + Exercise 1

image 24Principle #1

image 24Principle #2 (Part I)

image 24Principle #2 (Part II)

image 24Principle #3

image 24Principle #4 (Part I)

image 24Principle #4 (Part II)

image 24Principle #5 (Part I)

image 24Principle #5 (Part II)

image 24Exercise 2

image 24Exercise 3


image 24Wrapping Up

image 24Course Summary

Course Instructor

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Paul Moss

Lead Instructor

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This course is taught by Paul Moss, the primary instructor here at Analyst Academy. He is an experienced Management Consultant and Corporate Strategy professional, with multiple years of experience spanning Tech, Healthcare, Retail, and Telecom. In addition to his professional experience, Paul holds an MBA degree from Wharton Business School.  LinkedIn →

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Actual business scenariosSee a real-life before and after


Can I purchase multiple courses for my group or team?

Yes. We sell courses to teams and organizations of all sizes. You can learn more about team offerings here.

How is this course different from Advanced PowerPoint for Consultants?

Advanced PowerPoint for Consultants focuses more on how to use PowerPoint effectively. It covers various topics related to improving your slide-building speed, while also showing you useful PowerPoint features and tools. 

Advanced Presentations is more focused on the design and structure of your presentations. Instead of learning about PowerPoint, you’ll learn important topics related to the overall look of your slides and how they fit together to make an effective and persuasive presentation. 

Will you be teaching advanced PowerPoint skills in this course?

No. This course is focused on presentation structure and design. For a more PowerPoint-oriented course, check out our other top-rated course: Advanced PowerPoint for Consultants.

Is this course just for consultants?

This course is designed for anyone with experience building corporate-style presentations, whether they are students, consultants, or just business professionals looking to learn how to build better presentations.

What if I don't like the course?

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the course, let us know and we’ll provide you with a refund. We just ask that you notify us within 30 days of purchase, and that you refrain from watching more than 25% of the course content.

I am already good at presentations. Why do I need this course?

We assume you have already built many presentations in a business setting. This course is specifically designed to bring your skills to “consulting level” by focusing on the principles, tips, and tricks used by experienced consultants at the world’s best consulting firms. 

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