Analyst Academy Scam


We have recently been made aware that someone has been falsely representing Analyst Academy in order to scam unsuspecting and innocent people. These scammers have no connection to our company, and we strongly condemn their actions. We are doing everything in our power to stop them.

How does the scam work?

We are still working to fully understand the scam, but it seems to be that the scammers target random victims and claim that the victim’s information is listed on our website. Some victims also report receiving calls after they have provided their information to the scammers via a Facebook advertisement. 

Does Analyst Academy have my information?

If you have not signed up for our courses, we do not have your personal information. We only have the names and email addresses of those that have signed up for our courses. We do not collect phone numbers, addresses, or any other personally identifying information.

I am an Analyst Academy customer. Is my information at risk?

There is no indication that this has affected existing customers. The scammers seem to be targeting members of the public at random.

Who do these scammers target?

The scam seems to mostly target victims in the UK and Australia. We do not know if they are choosing phone numbers at random, or if they have stolen these phone numbers from another website. Some victims report receiving calls after responding to advertisements on Facebook.

What can I do to stop the calls?

If you are receiving these calls after responding to a Facebook advertisement, we recommend filing a report with Facebook. They will be able to track down the company who listed the advertisement.

We also recommend blocking any phone numbers that are associated with this scam, and reporting these calls to your phone company or your local authorities.

If you would like to share your experience and help us put a stop to these scammers, please fill out the form below.