Data Visualizationfor Consultants

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Learn to select, design, and build charts and visualizations that tell a clear and compelling story. 


Data Visualization for Consultants provides the foundational knowledge everyday business professionals need to build compelling and effective charts for their presentations, dashboards, and other executive communications. With a focus on charts that actually get used day-to-day in the business world, this course will teach you how to create visualizations that ignite learning and inspire action.

The course draws heavily on best practices from the consulting industry to help students understand which charts are most effetive for which purposes, and how to design charts that telling compelling, data-rich stories. Additionally, the course provides expert-level guidance on how to use advanced visualizations common to consulting-style presentations including Waterfall charts, Mekko charts,  and Heatmaps.

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4+ Hours of High Quality Video

20+ Hands-on Exercises


5 Data Visualization Quizzes


3 Unique Case Studies

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What you’ll learn

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Proper Chart Selection

How to choose a chart that effectively highlights the main message of your content

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Data Storytelling

How to structure, design, and format charts that tell a clear and compelling story

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Design Best Practices

How to design visualizations for maxium impact, clarity, and persuasion

Course Outline


image 24 Welcome

image 24Getting Started

Choosing the Right Chart

image 24Introduction

image 24Bar Chart

image 24Column Chart

image 24Pie Chart

image 24Line Chart

image 24Scatter Plot

image 24Case Study: Sora Air

Storytelling with Data

image 24Introduction

image 24Simplicity

image 24Focus

image 24Formatting

image 24Case Study: Treetop Textiles

Advanced Visualizations

image 24Introduction

image 24Waterfall Chart

image 24Spider Chart

image 24Histogram

image 24Heatmap

image 24Mekko Chart

image 24Case Study: Creator Solutions


image 24Wrapping Up

image 24Course Summary

Course Instructor

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Paul Moss

Lead Instructor

Group 32(4.7)

This course is taught by Paul Moss, the primary instructor here at Analyst Academy. He is an experienced Management Consultant and Corporate Strategy professional, with multiple years of experience spanning Tech, Healthcare, Retail, and Telecom. In addition to his professional experience, Paul holds an MBA degree from Wharton Business School.  LinkedIn →

Coming January 2023

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Can I purchase multiple courses for my group or team?

Yes. We sell courses to teams and organizations of all sizes. You can learn more about our team offerings here.

Will I learn how to use Think-Cell or Tableau?

The focus of this course is on selecting and designing charts, but it does not provide training on any specific tool (Think-Cell, Tableau, etc.). Instead, you will learn the science and theory behind data visualization, and you will be able to apply what you learn using the specific charting tool of your choice. 

Is this course just for consultants?

While this course utilizes best practices found in the consulting industry, it is designed for business professionals of all levels, regardless of industry.

What if I don't like the course?

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the course, let us know and we’ll provide you with a refund. We just ask that you notify us within 30 days of purchase, and that you refrain from watching more than 25% of the course content. 

How do I know my payment is secure?

We accept payment via PayPal or Stripe. All payments are processed securely using 128-bit SSL encryption. Furthermore, we encrypt all the data passing between our site and your device using an HTTPS connection.

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The default currency for our courses is USD. However, we can accomodate a wide range of currencies.

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